Davao Christian High School

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V. Mapa St.,Davao City, 8000
  • Tel 63 82 222 9500
  • Tel 63 82 227 9725
  • Tel 63 82 227 9727
  • Tel & Fax 63 82 221 2292
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  • Website dchs.edu.ph
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Christian High School

  • Student Services
    Davao Christian High School offers free services to students during their stay in the school such as Guidance and Counseling, Library, Medical and Canteen. Students may avail of the services anytime during school days.
  • Library

    The DCHS Library holds a collection of encyclopedia, fiction and non fiction books, home reading materials, reference books, periodicals, including audio visual resources and many others designed to support the school’s academic program.

  • Guidance

    The guidance program of DCHS is installed on the belief that development is centered on the individual to bring about fullest realizations of his potentials.

    It aims to help the students know and understand themselves better, make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses, help them grow spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically, emotionally and socially, which hopefully will lead them.