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Unit 1005, Pearl of the Orient Tower, 1240, Roxas Boulevard, Manila City, 1000, Metro Manila
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Recruitment Agency

  • On the Job Training
    The International Practicum Training Program (IPTP) is an academic program providing Hotel and Restaurant Management/Tourism (HRM), Industrial Technology (IT) and Business Administration - Marketing students enrolled in Practicum subjects in the Philippine schools the Job training in world-class hotels, restaurants, clubs, theme parts, resorts and industrial companies outside the Philippines. Serviecon is one of the accredited agencies by the CHED.
  • Partners

    Serviecon is one of the accredited agencies by the Commision on Higher Education (CHED) who could participate in sending pre-screened anad academically qualified students to duly accredited foreign agencies in Singapore.

  • Role in the IPTP
    Role in the IPTP

    SERVIECON's role in the IPTP is to act as the true and legal representative of our attached foreign agencies in the Philippines in whatever legal capacity it may deem necessary. It will represent in the selection of institutes of higher learning/schools, to sign and deliver documentary requirements to complete any transaction and to sue, defend or compromise in litigations.