Philippine Karma Kagyu Buddhist Society, Inc.

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3, Silencio Street, corner Palanza Street, Sta. Mesa, Quezon City, 1116, Metro Manila
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  • Biography of Lama Karma Kunzang
    Biography of Lama Karma Kunzang

    Lama Karma Kunzang was born to a wealthy family in Eastern Tibet (known as Sichuan, China). On his early age, he saw many disharmonies of life which make him realized that mundane happiness is so temporal, now you gain one then you loss all. Even famous actors and actresses who are often well dressed can not surpass the respect of people to Buddhist monk.

  • Chi-Lue by Lama Karma Kunzang
    Chi-Lue by Lama Karma Kunzang

    We have accumulated countless of negative actions since beginningless time. Because of our stupidity and ignorance, we have harmed others both intensionally and unintentionally. That's why they were causing us all types of obstacle, even threatening our health, and shortening our life force.