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Leyland Building, Railroad, Corner 21st Streets, Port Area, 6000, Metro Manila
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  • The Manila Standard Today
  • A Nationally Circulated Newspaper
    A Nationally Circulated Newspaper

    This is the Manila Standard Today, a nationally circulated newspaper published daily in the Philippines since February 1987. The site, born in August 2002, extends the newspaper's reach beyond its tradition readers and makes its brand oh Philippine news and opinion available to a much wider and geographically diverse international readership. In tone and content.

  • Who Reads Manila Standard Today
    Who Reads Manila Standard Today
    • Is a college graduate
    • Is 45 years or older (25-44 is second largest group)
    • Is a corporate officer, professional or employee
    • Owns his or her house
    • Travels by air once or twice a year
    • Dine out five times a month
    • Owns one or two cars
    • Has one or two membership in exclusive clubs.