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    DESIGN COORDINATES, INC. (DCI) developed a Quality System that addresses the five Basic Functions of Construction Project Management. In order to provide the Client these basic functions, procedures were formulated to assist the Project Team from Pre-Construction to Post-Construction stage. These procedures shall be applied to all Projects to be consistent with our Quality Policy and may vary depending on the requirements of the Client.
  • Project Management
    Project Management

    Project Management determines and executes the processes that are required to guide a project from start to completion. It is based on an initial plan of action that is modified as new information becomes known. The Project Management Plan, prescribing when and how construction project management actions are to be performed, is incorporated into the Construction Project Management Manual.

  • Cost Management
    Cost Management

    Cost Management consist of two activities, namely: Budget Management and Value Management. A major duty of the Construction Project Manager is the control of project costs (Budget Management) and propose technical alternatives to cost problem areas (Value Management).