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5686 Doña Carmen St., Poblacion 1210
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Pool Tables, Golf Games and Bars

  • Inside the Cathouse
  • Cathouse Pool Rules
    Cathouse Pool Rules
    • Challenger breaks
    • First ball you sink determines which balls you play - No free choce
    • Pocket 1 or more of each - Open table
    • Minimum 3 balls to touch cushion on the break
    • If you break and run the table so the other player does not get a visit to the table, you win and they lose - no repeat game
  • Peckerhead Gold
    Peckerhead Gold
    • 9 Hole scramble format
    • Tailgaiting afterwards in the car park to celebrate
    • Drown your sorrows conduct a post mortem
    • Free meal at Cathouse afterwards